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Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Is The Only Way To Properly Care For Your Roof

Roof Cleaning

Every homeowner dreads the day they have to replace their roof. It's a disruptive and costly process that can take days. The best way to keep your roof in good condition and avoid the hassle of a premature replacement is to schedule routine roof cleaning services with a trusted pressure washing professional like CK1 Pressure Washing. Our cleaning is ideal for efficiently removing corrosive organic growths, animal waste, and other toxins that can slowly eat away at your roof and speed up its decline.

What are Those Black Streaks On My Roof?

A dirty roof is easy to see – the black stains, discolorations, and fading across your rooftop signals that your roof could use a good cleaning. But what you cannot immediately see is what is going on beneath those unsightly stains. And what you cannot see may be more damaging than any dirty streaks.

Black streaks on your roof are most likely caused by a type of algae called Gloeocapsa magma. This type of algae feeds on moisture and can thrive in humid and warm climates like Georgia. This type of algae is often found in shingles made of asphalt. The algae can appear as black streaks on the roof, and over time it can damage the shingles and shorten the lifespan of the roof. This damage can lead to rotting and causing holes and leaks in your roof.

How Can Cleaning My Roof Extend the Life of My Shingles

Addressing the black streaks on your roof is not just a cosmetic issue, it is a maintenance issue. Properly maintaining and cleaning your roof will extend the life of your shingles.

Gloeocaspa magma (black blue algae) grows on roof shingles, house, wood, concrete, brick etc…pretty much everything! It is God’s way of decaying things in nature. It is most commonly seen on trees in the Woods.

Limestone is part of roof shingles that adds weight to the shingle and is a less expensive alternative to materials used in the past. Limestone feeds gloeocaspa magma and other organic growth.

If a roof is left untreated, it is not a matter of if but when the gloeocaspa magma will turn into moss, lichen and organic growth on your roof. The moss will grow on the bottom edge of the roof shingle causing it to compromise the integrity of the roof and can cause leaks on your roof leading to the plywood of your roof to rot.

Our soft wash processes on all surfaces we clean (Roofs, Homes, Wood, Concrete, Stucco, Brick Etc.) kills the black and green algae and organic growth! Any surface cleaned with our bio-degradable cleaning SOLUTIONS will last TWICE LONGER than water and pressure!

We clean roof shingles according to asphalt roof manufacturer specifications. And We DO NOT USE any pressure of any kind to clean our customer roofs because pressure damages asphalt roof shingles.

If you have noticed black streaks across your roof, do not wait. Call CK1 Pressure Washing today to schedule your free estimate. Our expert technicians are ready to help you.

Soft Washing: The Only Method For Effective Roof Cleaning

As we mentioned before, you might be in trouble if you hire a pressure washing company that only offers traditional pressure washing for all of its exterior cleaning services. That's why the team to trust for roof cleaning is the soft wash pros at CK1 Pressure Washing.

There are many benefits to soft washing! It's a safe and effective method of washing that is solution-based instead of using a high-intensity spray to get rid of grim. Plus, our cleaners are eco-friendly and bio-degradable, so they're safe for you, your loved ones, and your landscaping. Soft washing isn't just a different cleaning technique; it's the best method for roof cleaning. Don't work with anyone willing to put the integrity of your home at risk to use an outdated and damaging cleaning technique. All you have to do is contact CK1 Pressure Washing for your next pressure washing services and know that you're in good hands.



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Soft Washing Roofs To Best Maintain Rooftops

While traditional power washing proves too abrasive for roof surfaces, you can always rely on soft washing to get the job done without causing damage. Soft washing is a milder cleaning approach that uses gentle water spray and eco-friendly cleaning detergents to remove impurities. Instead of blasting through dirt and grime with high-pressured water spray, our team will apply soft washing to give your roof the deep clean it needs without putting strain on any of its components.

When you think of roof cleaning, most people consider the old-fashioned power washing method that's been used for decades. But that's not the only way to clean your roof! In fact, it's not even the best way.

If done incorrectly, power washing can damage your roof by stripping away too much of its protective coating and exposing it to elements that can cause it to crack or even crumble. But soft washing is the safest way to clean your roof because it uses low-pressure water jets instead of high-pressure ones, so there's no risk of damaging your roof or eroding away important materials like shingles and tiling. Soft washing also uses chemicals specially formulated for roofs, so they won't cause harm if they come in contact with any delicate surfaces or materials (like shingles).

Our team is made up of experienced professionals who know how to get roof cleaning done right and, more importantly, safely! We use only the best equipment and products, so you know your roof is getting the attention it deserves.

We can clean your entire roof from top to bottom with our powerful equipment, but we'll never use anything abrasive or harmful to your roof. Our water-based cleaning solution is gentle enough for all types of roofs, and it won't leave any residue behind, so you don't have to worry about any damage. Call us today for more information on our soft washing solution for your roof.

Low And No Pressure Roof Cleaning To Safely Wash Your Roofs

CK1 Pressure Washing is more than happy to assist you with your roof cleaning needs in McDonough.

Ever since we opened our doors, we've been committed to delivering the best pressure washing for McDonough homeowners and commercial property owners. We handle virtually all types of pressure washing, to ensure full exterior surface care for your property. We know you'll be happy with our results due to our use of commercial-grade pressure washing equipment, our knowledge and experience in the industry, our array of time-tested methods and strategies, and our commitment to your satisfaction.

Keep on reading to learn about one of our specialty packages: roof cleaning. We'll review its many benefits and how we can help make your McDonough roof sparkle.

Roof Washing For Total Property Maintenance

Here in McDonough, the condition of your roof is vital for protecting your home and your property value. It's essential that you ensure your rooftop is always ready for whatever the weather may bring, and there's no better way to do that than with professional roof cleaning by CK1 Pressure Washing!

Some of the benefits that our roof cleaning service can bring to you include the following:

  • Superior roof protection that will prevent future degradation
  • Enhanced energy efficiency for your roof will save you money on heating and cooling costs
  • Elimination of moss, dark algae streaks, mildew, and other contaminants
  • Spotless shingles that will raise your curb appeal and property value

Soft Washing - The Only Way To Properly Clean Roofs

By this point, you're likely to know what pressure washing is, but did you know about something called soft washing? Both methods of cleaning are used to eliminate stains, grime, dirt, and more from exterior surfaces. But what's the difference between the two cleaning methods, especially as it pertains to roof cleaning?

The main difference between pressure and soft washing is the intensity of the water jet. Pressure washing uses a high PSI while cleaning surfaces. This is what makes pressure washing ideal for tough surfaces like concrete.

Meanwhile, soft washing uses a lower PSI than pressure washing. The reason for this is that there are some surfaces that are not able to withstand the intensity that standard pressure washing brings. Soft washing is best for surfaces like old vinyl siding, roofs, and other surfaces.

Roof cleaning almost always uses soft washing techniques. Our experts are trained to assess each unique situation and make the right judgment call to best clean your roof.

Choose Our Expert Roof Cleaning Service To Thoroughly Clean Your Shingles In No Time Flat

If you've been searching for a way to streamline your exterior home maintenance routine, then our first-class roof cleaning service may be exactly what you need to keep your McDonough home looking and feeling flawless from every single angle. After all, your roof works hard to shield you and your family from the elements each and every year, so why not ensure that your shingles stay clean, strong, and healthy all around? We're proud to provide the highest quality pressure washing for McDonough and the surrounding areas, and you can trust our team to treat your home with the utmost care and respect.

Your rooftop will look and feel better than ever before by the time we're done with it, so give us a call today at 404-787-8833 to get started. You won't be disappointed with the fantastic results!

Services We Offer Aside From McDonough Roof Cleaning

  • Building Washing
  • Commercial Pressure Washing
  • Deck Cleaning
  • Driveway Washing
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Frequently Asked Roof Cleaning Questions

Having your roof washed regularly is important for maintaining the integrity of your roof. It prevents the growth of mold and mildew, which can cause damage to the roof, and it can also help to improve the longevity and appearance of your roof.

Yes, when done properly, roof washing is safe. Professional roof washers use the proper safety precautions and equipment to ensure that no damage is done to the roof in the process.

Yes, most professional roof washers can clean asphalt, wood shake, and other types of shingles. It is important to make sure that they use the proper techniques and equipment, as well as the right cleaning agents, to ensure that no damage is done to the shingles.

Professional pressure washing companies have the experience, knowledge, and specialized equipment to safely and effectively clean your roof. They also use the proper safety equipment and techniques, and they use the appropriate cleaning agents and equipment for the job. Hiring a professional pressure washing company for roof washing ensures that your roof will be cleaned properly, safely, and effectively.

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