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Fixing a DIY House Washing in Stockbridge, GA

DIY projects are great for saving money. I do lots of them around my own house. But sometimes I have to call a professional to do things that I can't do or have the professional equipment to complete. This homeowner got as far as they could with […]

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Commercial Pressure Washing in Stockbridge, GA

We were hired to wash this 200,700 sq. ft. building for a Commercial Pressure Washing Job in Stockbridge, GA. It was going to be a big job for Alex and myself but we finished in one 12 hour day!!! Upon our arrival the security guard asked […]

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Pressure Washing a Pool Deck in Jonesboro, GA

Cleaning this pool deck in Jonesboro, GA. We do a combination of a soft wash to get rid of the algae and eradicate it and then do a power wash and pressure washing on the concrete. Service provided: Deck Cleaning Location: Jonesboro, GA […]

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Commercial Pressure Washing Breezeways in McDonough, GA

We finished up this commercial pressure washing job at Alta Bridges Luxury Apartments in McDonough, GA. Part of the the job was power washing the breezeways. This was mainly a red clay stain improvement project, but we were also able to clean up the normal dirt […]

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Roof Washing in McDonough, GA

We soft washed and did a roof cleaning for a family friend who lives in McDonough, GA. Roof cleaning is something that must be handled with care and with the right equipment. You do not want to pressure wash the roof as it can damage your […]

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Top Quality Red Clay Stain Improvement in McDonough, GA

We have been asked to pressure wash all the concrete sidewalks, curbs, gutters, and breezeways in the newly built Alta Bridges Luxury Apartments in McDonough, GA. Commercial Pressure Washing projects take more time than a residential cleaning for the fact that there is typically more […]

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Pressure Washing Son's Honda in McDonough, GA

It’s great working for a repeat customer. We did this Commercial Pressure Washing job for Son’s Honda in McDonough, GA a few years ago and we are back at it again. They asked CK1 Pressure Washing to clean 36 light poles in the parking lot and concrete cleaning […]

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